ANGEL GUSTAVO was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria under the name Augustin Angel Gustavo Cabrera Mujica in 1941.

He was offered an Art scholarship from the renowned Academy of Belles Arts in Paris but declined for family reasons. He obtained an Art scholarship from the Grenada Rodriquez Acosta Foundation and pursued a Master of Arts degree from the distinguished academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, whilst supporting his siblings with part of his grant.

Leading up to 1970 he participated in fourteen collective expositions from the Canary Islands to Granada, Madrid, Egypt and Paris where he started to get his first international praise winning several prices for his visual art.

From these moments he investigated and studied in search of a new way forward, more personal, in search of his own style. After three years developing he started on a new artistic path.

1973 – Itinerary Exposition for the Spanish of the South-East organized by the Bank of

1974 – Individual Exposition in ´Casa de Colon´ (house of Columbus) in Las Palmas Gran Canaria Participation in the exposition ´the Art of the Illustration´ dedicated to the Art of García Lorca, organized by the Rodriquez Acosta Foundation.
Exposition at the Spanish Institute in London, Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile, Museum Valparaíso in Chile.

1975 – Expositions at the Savings Bank of Madrid (Caja de Ahorros), in Argentina at Mar de Plata, Cordoba, Mendoza, Santiago Estero, San Juan, San Pedro and at the Spanish Library in Buenos Aires.

1976 – Participation in expositions at the gallery Cairasco of the Canary Island Savings Bank of Las Palmas, House of Catalunya in Las Palmas, National exposition in Castle ´Castillo de la Luz´ in Las Palmas and the International Expo in Lanzarote.

1977 – Exposition Savings Bank of Santa Cruz de Tenerife at La Laguna and at Puerto de la Cruz.

1978 – Exposition at Santa Biblos in Ibiza. Organized and participated the exposition ´Murals in the street´. Obtained third price in the competition of Visual Arts at the Casino of Las Palmas.

1979 – Exposition at the gallery Caraisco at the Savings Bank of Las Palmas.

1980 – Participated in the International Exposition at Las Palmas Casino and in various collections in France and Italy.

1981/82 Realized several murals on demand. Created the symbol for the International Chess tournament ´City of Las Palmas´.

1983 – Exposition in ´Casa de Colon´ (House of Columbus) in Las Palmas Gran Canaria and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid.

1985 – In March exposition at the gallery Garé in Tenerife, in August at the Royal Palace of the Marquis de Comillas and in September at the gallery María Blenchard of Cantabria.

1986 – Exposition at gallery Madeica in Madrid. Participated at InterArte in Valencia.

1987 – Realized several murals on demand, obtained second price at the biannual competition of the Literary Cabinet in Las Palmas. Participated at the exposition ´El desnudo´ (The Naked) by the Canary artists of the Twentieth century at the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Nestor Museum.

1988 – Exposition at the gallery of San Antonio Abad in Vegueta, organized by the vice-president of the Canary Islands.

1989 – Inauguration of the new Art Gallery of the ´House of Mercedes´ at Celle, Germany featuring his new collection.

Created a group of painting artists named ´Figuracion Gran Canaria´ with whom he featured expositions at the Canary Press Club. Participated in the first exposition of Canarian Art at the Islands Centre of Culture and in the exposition ´30 Canary artists, Art works on paper´ on display in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

1990 – Various expositions with his group at the gallery Algas de Suances in Cantabria.