During this decade he dedicated himself to research, travelling through Europe and the Americas whilst managing and expanding a marketing network company. He only realized works of Art on demand such as murals, paintings and urban projects whilst also continuing to paint for his own private collection.

After ten years he left his company and from its fruition he now was in the privileged position where he could create paintings and works of Art that would satisfy solely his own artistic inspirations and evolution rather than producing works of Art in accordance with the wishes of others in order to make a living; the dream of every artist.

During the years he has also shared his expertise as President of the Spanish Association of Artists, Professor of the school of Art and Craft of Lanzarote, the school of Superior Architecture of Las Palmas and various other Art academies. He has been a correspondent for the magazine ´Critica de Arte´ in Madrid and an Art critic for many Spanish Art galleries.

Throughout the following years his private collection steadily grew and on rare occasions he shared his work in expositions on request of his friends in the international Art community. In 2007 he attended the Biennale Internazionale dell´Arte Contemporanea in Florence Italy, a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci where he won an Honorable Mention for his work.

In 2008 he participated in the New York Art Fair ´Artexpo´ on invitation. At this stage he would only be selling any part of his exclusive private collection to intimate friends or respected, often Aristocratic and even Royal members of society that cannot be named that would visit his atelier for private viewings.

He was recognized as one the best national painters of the 20th century. He was included in the European directory for best artists of the Millennium and is also a distinguished member of the European Academy of Fine Arts in Paris.
Worth mentioning is that all these merits were based on his entire oeuvre that was known to the public. A large portion of his work has remained in private collection from the nineties until now due to the reasons mentioned above.

These fine works of Art might yet represent the best of his work as it has been painted in total creative freedom and shows a unique insight into the evolution of Angel Gustavo as an artist. That exclusive part of his private collection he has never meant to make public.

It is only now, after years of persistence from his close family and international friends that he was persuaded to finally allow for this unique collection of Art to be revealed to the eyes of the world.

For Art collectors this is a unique opportunity to gain access to paintings from his private collection that he never meant to sell, undeniably a lust for the eye and probably a well considered long term investment for all the right reasons.